Summer Immersions Trips

Every summer the Bend Youth Collective invites teenagers to step outside of their context for a week out of the summer. For Middle School, students go to campgrounds and play, engage in relationship, discover how they can take part in God's action of peacemaking, and experience love from leaders who they are awesome just because they exist. High Schoolers travel to different places every summer, spending time gaining understanding and first-hand experience of what lives are like for folks who are less like them, less privileged, and gain a greater appreciation and empathy for what it means to follow in the peacemaking way of Jesus.  

High School Immersion Trip Dates: June 27-July 2, forms here. Price: $995 with $200 nonrefundable deposit due by 2/5/2018

Middle School Immersion Dates: July 23-28, forms here. Price: $450 with $250 nonrefundable deposit due by 2/5/2018

Scholarship and Fundraising opportunities available, click here for various options. 

Click here for more information and forms concerning our 2018 Summer Immersion Trips. 


Local: Seattle-Tacoma Peacemakers

Summer of 2017, BYC High School went on a journey to the Seattle-Tacoma area. While there, we interacted with folks who are actively engaged in peacemaking in their local communities. 


Middle School Immersion 2017

Summer of 2017, our Middle Schoolers went to camp. While there they played games, rested, ate loads of food, sang, learned, and discussed varying issues of faith in small groups. 

International: Immigration 

We plan for the summer of 2019 to take our students on a border trip to Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, CA. While there we will be speak and interact with individuals, hearing stories and experiences of diverse people on all sides of this issue--Border patrol agents, undocumented folks, and those who would seek to cross the border.