What we seek to do as the Bend Youth Collective:

Embody the inclusive love of God by providing space for all youth to feel accepted and included in community. BYC seeks to be a sanctuary for every teenager.

Empower teenagers to build meaningful relationships with self, others, and God. In BYC teenagers experience a community that deeply seeks and values authenticity and support.

Equip students with tools and experiences to balance mind, body, and soul. Teenagers will be accompanied by one another and adults as they discover their own faith journey.

Create opportunities for young folks to be immersed in the stories of the world, and as a result of their experience, participate in peacemaking and social justice.

Empower adults to build meaningful relationships with teenagers. Parents, teachers, coaches, and volunteers receive support, training, and resources to better understand adolescence.

We are rooted in the way of Jesus, and we understand the gospel to be radically inclusive, loving, and peacemaking. As we embody this inclusive love of God, we participate, with the Spirit, in the healing and restoration of all things... with teenagers. 

For a full explanation of the mission, vision, values, and theology of the Bend Youth Collective, click here

We love you already.